Monday, July 29, 2013

Cutting Off the Nose to Save Face

Why in the world would I NOT take a saving throw?  Puppet Master (Telepathy Psychic Power).  If I shoot my own HQ to death using an enemy squad, I deny them a Victory Point. 

If my Farseer "possesses his victim's mind, controlling their movements, their aim, and their trigger fingers as if they were marionettes," then HE gets credit for the kill, not the weak-minded tools.  At least that seems logical to me.  Still I wonder how that would be judged in a tournament...

40k Minutiae

I don't have the rulebook in front of me, but the way I read it, saving throws are optional for infantry, but mandatory for vehicles in edition 6.  Weird, huh?  Look it up!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Between Battle Brothers and Allies of Convenience... something I call Preferred Allies of Convenience.  PACs have a Battle Brothers in common.  As an Eldar player, my only PAC are the Space Marines.  Many forces have multiple PACs.  Does this distinction affect gameplay?  Not at all, but it might make for some interesting fluff.  It might also affect one's collecting choices in the immediate future.

Friday, July 12, 2013

"Eat Good. Look GREAT." --Nurgle [not really]

So I'm sitting here reading about going "into battle with a steaming load in your britches" and "Oops!  I crapped my pants."  Then I look over and see chocolate-logs from Pure Protein.  Is this random humor, or is there a marketing genius working BoLS?

Saturday, September 4, 2010


I'm learning the new version of Fantasy--Warhammer Fantasy.  Switching from 40k, I'm making rookie mistakes logjamming my blocks of rank and file soldiers.

However, I get the feeling some people are living in a Fantasy.  One analysis of U.S. special-ops in Afghanistan actually uses the phrase "1,066 rank-and-file insurgents killed."  I realize what the phrase "rank and file" has come to mean, but also knowing what it has mean makes this a funny phrase, given that rebels are usually so grossly outnumbered that they cannot afford to line up to be killed like most rank and filers.

Another interesting tidbit that can be inferred from this article: the Afghans think we're cowards for making raids at night.  So no more Nightfight scenarios!  I never liked them anyway...